Why choose a nursery over a school for FS1 and FS2?

At Miles of Smiles nursery Dubai, the educators work on developing the children’s skills and preparing them for formal school.

Choosing the right place for your child in his/her Early years is a crucial decision that may impact their whole life. For this reason, it is accompanied by different factors where the environment plays a huge role in it. Many parents consider this decision as one of the hardest tasks to do. So, they start their search early and eliminate to find the best nurseries and schools for their little ones. They try to find the perfect nursery or school that feels right for their child. In many schools in UAE and specifically, the British curriculum, the French Curriculum children begin at FS1 which is the age of 3 years old.

Parents can choose a school from FS1 if they found out that their child is ready for all the challenges of life at school and they can choose to extend their child’s early years by staying in a childhood center.

The question is: Why parents should choose to enrol their kids for FS1 and FS2 at a nursery?

It is crucial to keep in mind that children aged three years still need considerable assistance, comfort, support, and attention. What differentiates Miles of Smiles Nursery Dubai is the classes’ space and the number of students in each class. Miles of Smiles Nursery’s class capacity is 10 to 12 students with a teacher and an assistant, so teachers can focus on every student. She can understand their emotions, needs, and desires. Teachers will be able to focus more on the strengths and work to improve the student’s weaknesses. Through such a supportive environment, the child flourishes and the transition will be easier.

Furthermore, working hours at Miles of Smiles nurseries al Barsha and Um Suqeim are extended to 6:00 pm so parents who are working and in need of extended care in the afternoons will find the nursery a great option for FS1 and FS2 especially because they provide the same curriculum as FS1 and FS2 at schools. Parents who are working during school holidays would definitely benefit since Miles of Smiles includes holiday programs such as winter, spring, and summer camps to keep the child engaged so the environment will be the same and they will feel more comfortable since their child is used to the nursery environment.

At the nursery, a strong relationship is built between the child, the teachers, and the teacher’s assistants so the child feels at home. Even if your child is not yet totally potty trained this will not be an obstacle to attending the FS1 and FS2 classes, as we at Miles of Smiles accommodate children’s needs and help them achieve this milestone. The nursery accommodates the child’s needs who are not yet independent, for example, support in eating, and even afternoon naps so that a child is gradually achieving independence and control over physical and care areas of development. Schools request the child to be toilet trained so the pressure for toilet training will be reduced. FS1 and fS2 prepare the child for mainstream and formal schools and help them to be more independent in order to minimize the challenges that they might face when attending mainstream schools. The nursery is a home away from home, the child will be more settled especially if he/she is new to Dubai. Miles of Smiles offers families access to a parent app for daily updates.

At the nursery, children will develop fine motor skills, language skills, communication, and emotional and physical development so they will be able to write. Children’s academic progress is not enhanced and lots of work is done with children through adult-led activities and child-initiated activities to achieve a variety of milestones and skills especially the understanding of now, before and after as it is a priority to enter mainstream schools and excel. They might express themselves through play, activities, and creativity and they will be able to write. Teachers are able to concentrate more on every child.

At Miles of Smiles nursery Dubai, the educators work on developing the children’s skills and preparing them for formal school.