Professional and qualified staff

Our Staff are Guided by the Principles of

  • Knowledge and Human Development (KHDA)
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • Montessori International Association (MIA)

Above and beyond our already stringent code of ethics and guidelines for continuing education, our professional staff are guided by the principles and ethical codes of the following clinical and educational organizations.


You are our main partners!

The consistency is a fundamental necessity for a child to develop happily and smoothly. For this we work in correspondence to prompt better advantage for the child improvement and progress. In Minds of Smiles we prepare lots of open days as part of our responsibility to educate parents about child development, we also offer them many training opportunities to raise awareness about various topics such as safeguarding and wellbeing. You can do the below to help with your children learning :

  • Being generous with cuddles and love
  • Reading books together
  • Playing games
  • Talking about their explorations and observations
  • Participating in their children’s important events

External Providers :
We supports you with many services to smoothen parenthood.

Catering Company :
Nutrition is a very important sector for children health and wellbeing for this we have partnered with a specialized company that will cater our designed menus with love and passion and high levels of hygiene and safety.

Extra Curricular Activities :
The various and daily events that happen within the day enlighten us about some interests and hobbies for children for this we extended their learning opportunities by providing specialized individuals to enhance their sports and art skills.

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Ballet Gymnastics Football
Islamic Lessons
Music and Movement Arts

Get to know our staff

Dedicated Teachers & Staff

Our staff are dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with diverse special needs by providing evaluations and other services for children to achieve full and independent lives.

Léa Vandendaele


Hello everyone! My name is Léa, I am the founder of Miles of smiles Nursery and kindergarten, I have a double master of sciences in international business from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France, as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Management (CACHE level 5) from the Hi fliers Institute in Dubai. As a mother of 3 children, I have always been passionate about Montessori education. When my first son was born, I opened my first Montessori nursery.
Five years of experience in the management of nurseries has allowed me to acquire different working methods that reflect a keen sense of how to empower our facilities to meet the needs of children and parents.
Miles of Smiles reflect our passion for teaching and our international experience while combining between the UK curriculum and the European method of Montessori!

Looking forward to meet you soon in one of our nurseries.

Paul Vandendaele


Hello everyone, I am Paul Vandendaele, the co-founder and co-owner of Miles Of Smiles nursery and kindergarten.
I hold a Master of Sciences in Purchasing & Innovation Management from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France, as well as a Bachelor in International Business Operations & Management from the University of Irvine in California.

After many years of expertise in financial sector in Switzerland, Geneva. I decided to recruit this experience and explore the several opportunities United Arab Emirates may have through searching for new premises, conducting the design and architectural work of settings, selecting ressources and materials to show the best practices our practitioners do in the setting.

Hiba Zabad


Hello Parents, my name is Hiba Zabad, the nursery director and I am delighted to introduce myself and share my passion for providing exceptional care and early education to young children and creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for our little ones.

With a Bachelor’s degree in business management and administration, diploma in leadership for children and young people’s service and a mother of a 2 years old child, I have spent my years honing my skills and expertise in the field. My educational background along with my experience have equipped me with a deep understanding of child development theories, pedagogical approaches, and effective management strategies.

As the Nursery Director, my vision is to create a loving, inclusive, and play-based environment where children feel secure, valued, and empowered to explore their unique interests. I firmly believe that early childhood education should be holistic, focusing not just on academic development, but also on emotional, social, and physical growth.

I aim to create an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and independence. By prioritizing child-centered learning, we will encourage children to become active participants in their own education, nurturing their individual strengths and unique abilities.

I strongly believe in establishing an open and collaborative partnership with families, ensuring that their perspectives and aspirations are valued.

I am confident that our nursery will continue to nurture young minds, preparing them for a bright and promising future.

Together, let us create a nurturing and inspiring environment where every child feels loved, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

We are looking forward to welcoming all the families in our little heaven.

Tala Bader

Parent coordinator

Hello, here is Tala Bader the admin and parent coordinator at Miles of Smiles ECC. I hold a double BA in Business Marketing from an American University and a Teaching from Saint Joseph University, a French University. I have five years of experience in teaching at schools with a passion for working with kids. I decided to implement both my business and teaching skills in the field of education. For me, the best achievement that I got is being a mother to two boys. What I learned through this experience is that kids need to socialize. Parents always worry when their kids start their journey at the early childhood centre so, I will be responsible for communicating with the parents to reassure them ensuring a soft productive transition and coordinating parental involvement in activities held in Miles of Smiles.

Furthermore, I will keep parents updated on the centre news, events, and activities done by their kids. As an admin, I will be responsible for the daily operations of the nursery.

Parents are welcome to contact me anytime during the working day.