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A Global Learning Adventure!

At Miles of Smiles, we are on a mission to provide children around the world with a world-class early education experience that nurtures their creativity, curiosity, and cultural awareness. We are excited to introduce you to our international franchise opportunity, where you can be part of a global network of educational excellence while making a positive impact on young minds all over the globe!

About us:

Miles of Smiles’ vision is to ignite a love for learning in young children. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to blend the best practices from renowned educational approaches across the globe, offering a truly international learning experience. Combining the EYFS British Curriculum, The Montessori approach, a unique learning language model as well as following international early years standards and practices, ensures that Miles of Smiles Educational model can be a success all around the world.

Why choose us?

  • Successful UAE business model: The United Emirates is home to many families coming from different countries to different backgrounds and Miles of Smiles Curriculum was easily integrated, adapted and appreciated by children and families from all around the world.
  • Cultural Immersion and Language Programs: At Miles of Smiles, we celebrate cultural diversity and language learning. Our nurseries incorporate cultural immersion activities and language programs to promote cross-cultural understanding and enrich children’s perspectives.
  • Professional Development: We prioritize the growth and development of our educators and staff. We will offer ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure that our teachers are equipped with the latest teaching methodologies and practices. Trainings can be conducted in person or online.

Investment Details:

Becoming an International Miles of Smiles nursery franchise involves an initial investment that covers the franchise fee, setup costs, and working capital. Our team will work closely with you to develop a detailed financial plan tailored to your specific location and market.

Join the Global Education Movement:

Now is the perfect time to become a part of Miles of Smiles global education movement. By owning an international franchise, you’ll not only shape the minds of future leaders but also contribute to building a more interconnected and empathetic world.

To explore this incredible opportunity further, fill out the below franchise inquiry form. Our international team will get in touch with you to discuss the potential of bringing Miles of Smiles to your country or region.