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Our Educational Programs

Children are valued for who they are, the knowledge, skills, interests and experiences they have and the contribution they make. The Statutory Framework for the EYFS is used to guide planning across all seven areas of learning which are detailed as :

Prime Areas :

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and Language development

Specific Areas :

  • Understanding the World
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The main focus for staff when planning activities to promote and progress a child’s development and learning is their individual needs, taking into account the child’s development stage and what they have already achieved then building on that.

Combined Approach:

Our combined approach is based on the fact that both curriculums alongside emphasize on the importance of the environment and areas of provision in helping children acquire milestones and enhancing children development. Both curriculums believe that the environment and areas of provision play the role of a third teacher in the classroom. Moreover, by this we are delivering to you a unique approach to help children reach their full potential and not framing them under one curriculum.

Trilingual Learning:

Trilingual learning in the early years can have various cognitive, linguistic, and socio-cultural benefits. It can enhance overall language development, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills, and even contribute to a greater appreciation for cultural diversity. However, it’s important to note that the success of trilingual learning depends on several factors, including the child’s individual characteristics, family support, and the availability of resources and language exposure opportunities.

English is the main language at Miles of Smiles. However, our Arabic program is well established giving the opportunity for children to have daily Arabic sessions. French is also an important language at Miles of Smiles and sessions are given two to three times a week depending on the age group and the requests of parents.

Exposure to other languages such as Russian, German and Spanish is also available and personalised as per the needs of individual families.

Islamic Sessions:

At Miles of Smiles ECC, we are proud to offer engaging and enriching Islamic sessions designed specifically for our young learners, helping them develop a strong foundation in their faith from an early age.

Our Islamic sessions are thoughtfully crafted to introduce children to the beauty, wisdom, and values of Islam in a way that is age-appropriate, interactive, and engaging.

Child Well being:

We know and understand how vital good nutrition is for young children. Creating healthy eating habits during childhood positively impacts their physical development and long term health, but it doesn’t stop there. Nutrition also affects focus, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and much more.

At Miles of Smiles we are proud to serve every child with freshly prepared food from our carefully designed menu cycle. These menus are nutritionally planned, balancing food groups, appropriate portion sizes, salt and sugar intake. Our yummy dishes also provide children with a rich variety of tastes and textures, offering a balance of carbohydrates, colourful vegetables, proteins, pulses and fresh fruit throughout the week. However, we leave it for your choice to send healthy meals were we can help you with some suggestions.