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The montessori nursery and kindergarten in Dubai Miles Of smiles pays particular attention to the environment in which the children grow up. The design of our nursery has one objective: to promote acceptance in families and the development of children.

Children need to have a sense of security. Thus, the space is designed to offer very specific of play that can be rearranged according to needs: a space for movement, a space for symbolic play (dolls, doctors, merchants, etc.), a space for manipulation ( puzzles, etc.) and a relaxation area so that the children can recharge their batteries in the comfort of their den. Our nursery and kindergarten in dubai does its utmost to help your child learn and develop from day to day.

Living spaces specially designed for young children have been transformed to encourage respect for their development and rhythm of life.
Wood and raw materials are omnipresent in the "nature" spirit, illuminated by countless colours and decorative elements.
Montessori materials are used to help children develop and refine their senses.

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A safe and nurturing environment

The Montessori educational materials allow the child to develop attention, autonomy, intelligence, language and senses. Wood and raw materials are omnipresent in the "nature" spirit, illuminated by countless colours and decorative elements. educational programme

The educational programmes at our nursery and kindergarten in Dubai:

Our Nursery and kindergarten in Dubai are based on the Montessori pedagogy and encourage the senses, confidence, autonomy and intellectual awakening of children. Miles Of Smiles Nursery and kindergarten in dubai is committed to a genuine quality and environmental approach to promote the well-being and development of children.

Experienced professional team:

The children are cared for by experienced, qualified professionals who have received ongoing training in Montessori Pedagogy.

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Our Educational Programs

Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.